Ozone 7500-Rev4 Upgrade Add-On

Ozone 7500-Rev4 Upgrade Add-On
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Not sold separately.  Only for use with the 7500-Rev4 Control Valve which will automatically activate during the Air Draw cycle.

NOTE: you must send your existing 7500-Rev4 to us for installation, OR purchase a new 7500-Rev4 for this to work

If you have questions please contact us at [email protected]


This allows for the ozone to oxidize iron and sulfur without any chemicals.  Good choice for problem Iron, Sulfur, and Manganese laden well water.

Also includes the Air Dryer unlike most other Ozone units.

Includes 1" check valve for inlet pipe, installation kit, and Ozone Generator (unless ordered as a separate ozone box by itself, see drop down). includes shipping cost to send 7500-Rev4 back to you.

Can I install this myself on my own existing 7500-Rev4 system?

No this option is not available.  It requires disassembly and some circuit board work which must be done by a qualified technician.


Manufacturer: Chandler

Manufacturer #: OXY-03

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