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Bacteria Disinfection with the Wonder Light UV Sterilizer

Don was looking to improve his current water filtration system with some bacteria disinfection. We recommended him the Wonder Light UV Sterilizer, which utilizes ultraviolet wavelengths to ‘deactivate' bacteria and functionally kill them. However, he then told us that his water was also hard, and discolored by some sort of brown particulate matter. Since the Wonder Light UV Sterilizer operates by light penetration, brown discoloration interferes and makes it less efficient at bacteria disinfection.

To also combat these extra issues, we recommended him a 5900e Water Softener 80K unit, along with tannin media, and a Big Blue 5 Micron Cartridge Filter. The tannin media removes tannins, which are organic molecules leeched into the well water that cause brown discoloration (most commonly found in teas, that's what gives the drink its distinct color!) by anion exchange. The Big Blue 5 Micron Cartridge Filter was placed just before the Wonder Light UV Sterilizer to polish the water off and ensure clearness for proper bacteria disinfection. All these filters worked in harmonious conjunction to fully treat Don's water and give him super clear, tasty water.

See below what Don had to say about his new setup!:

“Attached is a photo of our new well water system. It was easy to install and doesn’t reduce my water pressure. The system involves a calcite unit with a  then going into a 80k water softener to remove the small amount of iron and hardness added my the calcite. It then enters a second tank with 0.5 cuft of both cation and anion exchange to remove residual hardness and tannins. We also added a 5 micron filter before entering the 15 gpm UV treatment just in case. The water is super clear and tastes better than ever.”

-Don Taylor

Taylorsville, NC

Bacteria Disinfection with the Wonder Light UV Sterilizer
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