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Upgrading a System with the Greensand Iron Filter

Scott needed a solution for iron and manganese problems, along with removing residual chlorine in his water after chlorine and soda ash injection for acidic water. We offered him a Greensand Iron Filter CWS Plus, a very effective filter that can take out high levels of both iron and manganese with one media. The filter uses a Greensand media that oxidizes and removes iron and manganese molecules, along with sulfur odors as well! The Greensand media has to be chemically regenerated by potassium permanganate in order to oxidize and refresh the media to optimal capacity.

Scott has a two-pump system: one chlorine injection for treating sulfur odors, and another a soda ash injector that raises his acidic pH to more neutral levels. At the end of the filter system, Scott installed a Carbon Filter 5700e to remove residual chemicals in the water after treatment, like chlorine. The carbon coconut shell media in the Carbon Filter 5700e filters out chlorine and sediment, then the electronic control valve automatically backwashes out the contaminant. This finalizes Scott's water treatment, leaving behind pure, crystal clear water.

See below what Scott had to say about his upgraded system, with pictures of his before and after!:

“I was able to complete this project in 1 day. Instructions were easy to follow and although I’m not a fan of plumbing this was fun. Our water went from spotty at best (no pun intended) with iron, manganese, and chlorine to absolutely perfect. No iron, no manganese, and a PH (with chlorine and soda ash injection) of 8.0. I posted on Facebook to let my neighbors know about you since there are so many homes that have the same problem but not the right solution. Here are my before and after photos as requested.”


Before receiving the Clean Water Systems makeover
Greensand Iron Filter and Carbon Backwash Filter
After, featuring: Greensand Iron Filter, Carbon Backwash Filter 5700e
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