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Extremely Easy Solo Installation of Greensand iron filter system

Here are some photos of my recent installation of a green sand filter I used to replace an old carbon filter. In the first photo, I have the pressure tank, a whole house filter, the chlorine injector, Stenner Pump, chlorine tank, the greensand filter with the contact tank visible on the left.

water treatment system

This picture is a the Clean Water Greensand Filter. I installed it in about two hours–taking my time. Extremely easy to install. The hard part was filling the tank with the media by myself. Forty pound bags of greensand lifted about five foot high. Would have been much easier if I had a friend help me. But, I like working alone.

Greensand iron filter

Finally, here's the other side of my pump house displaying the water softener system.

greensand iron filter

Ren Worlock
Branford, FL



Guide to Iron Treatment

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