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Hardness, Iron, Bacteria Levels Reduced to Zero

I went down to the coastline to fix an iron bacteria odor and hardness problem.  Iron was .01 ppm, lots of bacteria though because the water had been stagnant in the lines and the calcium had formed “coral,” so to speak, for the bacteria to colonize in.  Hardness was 38 gpg.

This 2.5 Fleck 7000 softener in combination with my H2Oxidizer exceeded expectations.  My Hach hardness test didn’t even require one drop, but rather turned blue immediately.  Hardness is zero.  Iron is zero.  Bacteria is now also zero.

I will again post a very positive review on the website.  Please feel free to share the photos.

Mark K,
South Texas Groundwater Solutions

softener filter

Dworaczyk1 filter system



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