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Easy to Install Flow Sensor Type Chlorinators

Coliform bacteria in well water.

Often customers will ask us if they can chlorinate their water at their house and not at the well head.  For example, they may live in a small community where the well water is shared by a group of homes, and the water may be smelly, or contain iron, manganese, or coliform bacteria.

For these situations a Proportional Feed Chlorinator works best because the chlorinator can be installed inside the home and not at the well.

These systems are easy to install and don’t require any special wiring.

As soon as any water is used in the home, the water meter flow sensor tells the chlorinator pump to turn on and pump in a precise amount of chlorine (or peroxide if you are using hydrogen peroxide) based on the flow rate of the water.

After the chlorinator, the water flows through a contact retention tank under pressure, where the chlorine has time to kill bacteria, oxidize iron and manganese, and eliminate odors.   Then it flows through the Pro-OX iron filter where iron, manganese, and sediment are removed.  An optional carbon backwash filter removes any hint of chlorine taste or odor along with organic matter such as tannins.   For water very high in hardness (high in calcium carbonate) a final stage water softener softens the water and makes it great for bathing and laundry. This also prevents scale from building up in the pipes and fixtures.

The result is clean, fresh, odor-free, disinfected water throughout the home with little or no pressure loss. There are no cartridges to change and maintenance consists of adding some chlorine bleach to the solution tank every 3 – 4 months.

Here is a diagram of a typical installation. These systems are designed to be easily installed by any plumber or person familiar with basic plumbing:


Here is more information on these systems:

Chlorination and the Stenner Pump Chlorinator SystemPCM-Stenner-diagram

Chlorine is a low-cost and safe method of eliminating odors and bacteria, and it works great in oxidizing iron, manganese, and other contaminants in water so they can be filtered out.

Although there are other ways to eliminate microorganisms and odors in water, chlorination is the most commonly used because it is low-cost and effective.  Often combined with filtration, chlorination is an excellent and cost-effective way to disinfect drinking water supplies, eliminate odors, and oxidize iron, and other metals.

For easy and accurate chlorine injection we recommend a Stenner Pump and solution tank system. The Stenner pump uses liquid chlorine bleach.  The system is reliable, easy to install, and very easy to use.  It can be adjusted to get just the right amount of chlorine needed for the application.

The chlorinator can be adjusted so the chlorine levels are very low in the household (similar to city water) or a low cost carbon filter can be installed to remove any trace of chlorine tastes and odors.

Contact Tank

Contact provides optimal contact time after chlorine, soda ash, peroxide or other water treatment grade chemicals have been injected into the water.  Using a contact tank requires less solution and ensures that the solution being injected is thoroughly mixed and dissolved in the water.

WellMate Contact Tanks are made of a seamless inner shell of molded polyethylene and are impact and corrosion resistance.  The tanks are high quality NSF/ANSI 61 certified tanks for drinking water.  Inlet and outlet connections are 1-1/4” but can be reduced to 1” or ¾” if needed.

Pro-OX Iron Filter

The Pro-OX Iron Filter is a powerful and effective system for removing iron and manganese from well water. This system automatically removes iron, manganese, and sediment without the use of filter cartridges or chemicals. The iron filter is easy to install by any plumber or person familiar with basic plumbing.

The Pro-OX Iron Filter removes both dissolved and oxidized iron and manganese by using a special type of solid manganese oxide media which traps the iron and then automatically backwashes out the trapped rust and sediment to drain.

The backwash lasts for approximately 15 minutes and takes place automatically, typically every 2 – 3 days, in the middle of the night when no water is being used.

An optional chlorine solution tank is available to backwash the  Pro-OX filter media with a chlorine rinse, which kills iron bacteria and can extend the life of the Pro-OX media for many years.   For waters containing “rotten egg odors” (hydrogen sulfide), a chlorine feed ahead of the Pro-OX filter can be used to kill the odor and keep the Pro-OX media working great.

Unlike many residential and small commercial iron filters, the Pro-OX 5900e  system will not restrict flow rate or cut down on water pressure in the home. The system uses a high quality Vortech filter tank which requires less backwash water, saving water and energy.

Unlike the media inside the Greensand and Birm iron filters which often must be changed every 3 to 5 years, the Pro-OX media lasts for more than 10 years.

Carbon Backwash Filter Systems

Our Carbon Backwash Filter Systems remove chlorine, tastes, and odors at exceptionally high flow rates with little or no pressure drop.  Unlike expensive carbon filter cartridges, the Carbon Backwash Filter Systems use a bed of high grade activated to carbon to filter out chlorine, chemicals, and sediment.   The carbon in these systems is backwashed and rinsed clean automatically – this means no need to change short-lived filter cartridges, and no problems with pressure drop from clogged filters.  The carbon media typically lasts for 3 – 5 years and is easy to dump out and change.  Save hundreds of dollars over expensive filter cartridges and enjoy great flow rates with little or no maintenance required.

Softener 5900e

Enjoy scale-free fixtures and appliances with soft water.  No more dry skin or dry hair caused by excess minerals in the water!  Save money by using less soap and laundry detergent and extend the life of clothes, water heater, and appliances with soft conditioned water with the Softener 5900e Metered 48K.

Well designed and reliable, the Softener 5900e Metered 48K Valve provides larger 1-1/4″ internal ports for the best flow rates and least pressure drop, making this valve perfect for use in larger homes with 1″, 1-1/4″, or even 1-1/2″ plumbing.  No matter what size home you have, there is less pressure drop through this softener than other residential softeners.

The new 5900e Metered 48K  softener uses less salt by monitoring the amount of water used in the house and regenerating only when necessary.  If there is a power failure it can keep the correct time up to 48 hours.  Also, the system keeps time electronically, so the drive motor only runs during regeneration, saving energy and lasting longer than other softeners with standard timer motors.

45MHP10 Stenner w/ 15 gal tank 120V

This is a complete system that comes with everything you need: solution tank; metering pump; tubing; fittings; and injection check valve.

Solution tank diameter: 14″diameter x 24″ height, Pump dimensions: 6″ x 10.6″


Pump Control Module 0.5 – 5.0 Sec

The PCM Classis series pump and a dry contacting pulse meter is perfectly suited for constant pressure (variable speed) well pump and any application with varying flow rates requiring proportional injection.

The PCM has a locking feature on the adjustable knob.






1″ Pulse Water Meter 1 G/P(8-Mrdb-1)

This water meter comes with a cable to attach to the Stenner PCM controller.

Maximum pressure is 150 PSI.


Contact mixing pressure tank 40 gallon

Dimensions 16″ diameter x 53″ height
Gives contact time to allow chlorine to properly treat the water.


Pro-OX Iron Filter 5900e 1.5 CF

Pro-OX is a media that utilizes an oxidation-reduction reaction and filtration process similar to Greensand, but at a much higher level of performance. Uses the Enpress tank with Vortech distributor which allows the Pro-Ox media to be backwashed at lower flow rates with less water, saving water and energy.

Dimensions: 10″ diameter x 54″ height 1″ or ¾” pipe size


Carbon 5900e 1.5 CF

Excellent for use in dechlorinating water and removing many tastes and odors. Unlike carbon cartridges which can trap sediment and dirt causing pressure drop these systems automatically backwash out trapped sediment alleviating pressure drop. Carbon 5900e control provides high flow with very little pressure drop.

Dimensions: 10″ diameter x 61″ height 1″ or ¾” pipe size



Softener 5900e  Meter 48K Grain

Prevent scale and calcium build-up inside pipes; water heaters; fixtures; appliances. Precise electronic meter measures the amount of water used and regenerates the softener based on actual water usage; saving salt and water.

Dimensions: 10″ diameter x 61″ height filter tank, 18″ x 33″ brine tank, 1″ or ¾” pipe size


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