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Calcite Acid Neutralizer satisfaction, with cool landscape rock covers!

Thomas installed a Calcite Acid Neutralizer for his house, and created this really creative outdoor set up! His low pH was making his water acidic, which was corroding his copper pipes and creating a flow of loose copper in his water. Since it was installed outdoors and susceptible to the elements, Thomas covered his neutralizer and pipes with cool landscape rock covers, protecting the system while also making it look appealing to the eye. Really nice setup Thomas!

“Real happy with the system!

A few days after installation I was changing out a showerhead and a glob of copper scum disgorged itself proving the effectiveness of the calcite now being fed into the system.

Had the copper continued to erode I would have been akin to Big Bangs definition “like an inclined plane wrapped helically around an axis” (screwed) : ) So needless to say I’m ecstatic! It’s been a couple of months now and the copper staining has ceased and even an unknown film that gathered and floated in the dog's bowl of water is no longer there… Kudo’s Guys on your system !!!


Walnut, MS”

Calcite Acid Neutralizer to treat low pH
Featured: Calcite Acid Neutralizer Filter 5900e 1.0CF

cyburfer system 2

If you are experiencing similar issues to Thomas, are seeing blue-green staining on your fixtures or have tested your water and gotten a result of a pH lower than neutral 7.0, you might be in need of a Calcite Acid Neutralizer!

The Calcite Acid Neutralizer uses a filter media of Calcite, a naturally occurring calcium carbonate media which, when mixed with your acidic well water, increases it's pH to reasonable levels.

Clean Water Systems is your source for neutralizers and numerous other well water treatment systems to solve any issues you might be having with your water.

Treating Acid Well Water (FREE) >

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