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Chlorinator Installation Support Was Great, Happy with the System

Shane Fedorka purchased a Precision-24 Chlorinator for his house to remove odors from his water. The setup for the chlorinator is pretty simple, it's the Precision-24 pump attached to a 15 gallon solution tank, where the chlorine is held. Further down the plumbing, the chlorine is mixed into the water either with an in-line static mixer, or for larger problems, a contact tank where the water is held to establish a proper retention time for the chlorine to properly treat the water. Shane was always very pleased with our chlorinator installation support; here at Clean Water Systems our experienced customer support staff is ready to take any questions you might have during the installation process, and afterwards with maintaining and upkeeping the system you purchased.

Here's what Shane had to say:

“Here is my system.

Overall, I've been happy with the system. The support I received from CWS has been great in answering questions I had during installation.

S. Fedorka

Groton, NY”

Precision-24 Chlorinator w/ chlorinator installation support
Featured: Precision-24 Chlorinator

If you are noticing a sulfur odor (like rotten eggs) in your hot or cold water, you might be interested in getting a system similar to Shane's. The complete chlorination package is the best way to achieve accurate chlorine residuals with the least amount of maintenance. The chlorinator also has numerous other functions for your well water: it will kill harmful coliform and e.coli bacteria in your water and it will also oxidize iron and manganese to give your other filter units an easier time filtering them out. Each purchase comes with a detailed installation guide, and Clean Water Systems is just a phone call or email away for extensive chlorinator installation support.

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