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It’s a Pleasure to Finally Have Clean Water!

Hi Gerry,

Here are 3 pics of our system.

We are so pleased with the transformation of our water. This new system has cleared up the problems by taking out the rusty color and stains, the swamp and sulphur smell and removed the bacteria. It is a pleasure to finally have clean water! The guys at Clean Water helped us all the way through, answered all my questions and helped us solve the problems that came up. The Hydrogen Peroxide was a very good choice to disinfect our water – what a good system! Much better than chlorine in my opinion. Our water now has no smell and is clean and clear!

On the last picture you can see the manifold that supplies 4 different buildings including 3 commercial greenhouses, two full size houses, and a cabin. For each area, I can choose between 1) untreated well water, 2) H202 water, or 3) fully treated water (H202, carbon filter, particle filter and ultraviolet)

Thanks, Gerry.

Ray B.
Big Lake Ranch, BC




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