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After Neutralizer Filter and Pro-OX Iron Filter system was installed: Crystal Clear and Tastes Like Spring Water

We received this email from Mr Roger Coulombe in Colbert Georgia.  Mr Coulombe had purchased and installed his CWS 5900e Neutralizer Filter (almond colored tank in his picture) and Pro-OX 5900e Iron Filter (black tank).   His well water had low pH (acid water), and iron.  Great job Mr Coulombe, installation looks really good!

Here are his comments:

We were delayed installing the Neutralizer and Filter System.  We bought this property in GA in November and it was necessary to completely rewire the pump house, not because your system needed it, but it was a dangerous bit of wiring.  After putting down a cement pad, installing a new holding tank we proceeded to install the Neutralizer and Filter System.  It was a lot of work, but easy to figure out, your instructions were easy to follow.

Now that it's been programmed and in for a week, I just can't believe the quality of the water.  It is crystal clear, the PH is at a perfect 7 and it tastes like spring water.  Laundry and dishes come clean quicker, and showering is a whole new world for our skin.  We can now put the countertop drinking water filter away and hook up our refrigerator ice maker and water dispenser.

Thank you for having such a great system with little future maintenance.

Picture attached.

Roger Coulombe

Colbert, GA


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