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Never Fear Manganese with These New Filters from Clean Water Systems

Manganese is a naturally occurring mineral that often accompanies iron as a waterborne contaminant.  It is found in rocks and soil, and is a necessary part of a healthy human diet.  While low levels of manganese are harmless – beneficial, in fact – higher levels of manganese contamination and ingestion can cause serious health concerns, particularly in infants and the elderly.

At levels greater than .05 milligrams per liter (mg/L), you might start to notice odd tastes, odors, and colors in your water.  At levels over .5 mg/L young children may be at risk for intellectual impairment and reduced IQ, while the elderly risk developing a Parkinson-like syndrome caused by long-term overexposure to manganese.

Manganese is often found in a dissolved state in well waters.  Contaminated water will appear clear when first drawn, but will turn brown/black when exposed to air, whereupon the minerals are oxidized to a ferric state to form insoluble particles like rust.  This can be observed in appliances like toilet flush tanks, washing machines, and dishwashers.

Fortunately, removing manganese from your water is as simple as installing a reliable filter system, and we’ve got just the thing.  We recently announced the debut of our new, specially-formulated manganese dioxide filter media, Pro-OX, and now we’re offering it in a variety of filter systems, including our top-of-the-line iron and manganese filters.

Pro-OX iron filter media available in 1/2 cubic foot bags, and also 1 ton super-sacks.
Pro-OX iron filter media available in 1/2 cubic foot bags, and also 1 ton super-sacks.

Unlike other media, our Pro-OX media uses solid manganese dioxide that is thoroughly vetted and chosen for its outstanding porosity and activity, to ensure that your filter system works exactly as it should to solve the toughest iron and manganese problems.

With a sturdy filter tank, reliable control valve, and unsurpassed filter media, our Pro-OX Iron Filter 1650 Series filters will work wonders for smaller households with 1-2 bathrooms.  For larger households with 3-4 bathrooms, we recommend our 8500 Series Pro-OX filters.  These filter systems are equally sturdy and reliable, and they come with a remarkably easy-to-use, yet feature-packed 85HE control valve for easy installation and maintenance.

Pro-OX Iron Filter 8500
Pro-OX Iron Filter 8500

To learn more about manganese and its frequent cohort, iron, consult our Water Problems pages.  To browse more iron and manganese filters, as well as a large selection of other water treatment systems, visit our online store.  If you still have questions about manganese, iron, or any other water treatment topics, don’t hesitate to e-mail us at, leave us a message on Facebook, or use our online contact form for prompt, personalized assistance from our trained professionals.  Thanks for reading!


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