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Pro-OX AIR for Rusty, Murky Water

Nancy and her family were suffering for over ten years drinking bad tasting, rust-colored and staining water. They installed a previous iron filtering system but it couldn't keep up with the amount of iron they had in their well. That's why we recommended her the Pro-OX AIR iron filter, the most robust system we sell for eliminating iron from well water. Using a combination of aeration and Pro-OX media, the Pro-OX AIR iron filter can remove up to 10 ppm of iron from the water.

The Pro-OX AIR maintains an air pocket at the top of the tank which it utilizes to aerate the water and oxidize the iron molecules, giving the Pro-OX media an easier time removing the iron. The Pro-OX media alone is very effective at removing iron, with its high purity manganese dioxide and naturally mined Ziolite for filtration that will last 9-11 years before replacement. Combined with aeration, the Pro-OX AIR is the perfect system for those tough iron and rust problems in your water.

See below what Nancy had to say about her new water:

“I have been leery about sending this email because our water is so FANTASTIC, I am afraid I might jinx it by saying anything !!!

It took us about 9 hours to install but that was because our incoming and outgoing lines were opposite on the head.   My husband rerouted the pipes and it hooked up like a charm.   We have had great water from the moment after it ran its first cycle.  This water is better than ANYTIME before and we have been in our new house for 16+ years.   I only wish we would have used your system sooner.  The filter we had been using (which we had installed new about 5 years ago) didn’t come close to the clear water we have now.  We have all said “it’s almost a shock to lift the toilet lid and see clear water”  Even when it wasn’t very rusty, our water was always kind of cloudy or murky.  We love to drink it too, I swear it even feels smooth!   Our whole neighborhood has their own wells (we live in a rural area) and everyone has rusty water problems.  I have been telling everyone about your company and how happy we are.

You have a forever customer with us !”

Nancy Newton

O'Fallon, MO




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