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Combat Drought in California with Salt Free Water Conditioners

Due to many factors, water shortage is being experienced by many people around the world. Water is being wasted in many areas while on the other side of the world there is a horrendous scarcity of water. While it is very difficult to stop the factors that lead to the shortage of water we can at least actively participate in measures that can help preserve the water that we already have now. It’s not just for us; it’s also for the sake of our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

In California, the current drought is record-breaking. January this year holds the record as the driest month California ever had in history. This led to the declaration of a drought state of emergency last April.

Our drought situation is so serious that in fact, in some areas, mandatory emergency water conservation and reductions regulation have been implemented. The regulation limits each person to the use not more than 55 gallons per day. Watering gardens and other outdoor water usage have been reduced to two days per week as well.

Combat drought in California with a salt free water softener

There are actions that involve the use of water that are now OFFICIALLY prohibited.

  1. Potable water can’t be used now in washing your driveway and sidewalks.
  2. When irrigating, allowing water to run off to the street or anywhere is now strictly prohibited.
  3. In washing cars, using hoses without shut-off nozzles is no longer allowed.
  4. Using decorative furniture, machines or the likes involving water is prohibited if it does not re-circulate the water and if potable water is used.
  5. Outdoor irrigation is not allowed during precipitation and until after 48 hours.
  6. Restaurants are not allowed to serve water unless requested.

With this, the government aims to reduce water usage by 25% to help combat the drought problem.

There are many ways to make the drought in California worse. Studies show that most of the excessive usage of water done is outdoors. The recent regulations target specifically the reduction of outdoor usage of water. However, it is not a secret either that we waste the water meant for indoor use in many ways.

Do you think you are helping or making matters worse where water is concerned?

You might be unconsciously helping or obstructing in saving water. It’s time to raise your awareness and be active for a cause in helping save our water and environment.

Experts say that in order to conserve water more, it’s better to switch to scale stopper water softeners in case you are still using the more traditional salt softeners.

How Does a Salt-Free Water “Softener” Help in Fighting Drought?

Check out the following for more information:

Generally, water treatment is common in the United States because our water does not come out perfect from our wells and other sources. One of the major problems in our water supply in many areas is the hardness of water. If you think that this has nothing to do about saving water, think again. If you have a hard water problem, be aware that your choice of water softener can make a world of difference.


There are two types of water softening system that are used nowadays. One is the salt-regenerated water softeners and just as the name suggests, it utilizes salt to get its job done.

If you are using a salt water conditioner, you are using waste water or brine water in the process.

The problem with traditional water softeners is that they use brine (salt water) in a process known as ion-exchange to physically remove the hardness minerals from water. As a result of this process, waste water is generated. This waste water adds up to a huge percentage of wasted water that cannot be reused.   Modern water softeners are much more brine efficient than traditional water softeners and use much less salt than they did before.  We carry special high-efficiency softener that use MUCH less salt than before, so if you find you must use a water softener, it is best to upgrade to a high-efficiency type.  However, for many areas, a No-Salt Water Conditioner can replace the traditional water softener and completely eliminate any water waste.

With the current drought situation, we have to save each drop of water we can, but salt water softeners waste a certain percentage of water with every drop we use!

With the drought California is experiencing, we Californians should intently consider replacing our water softeners when possible.

We can replace it with salt free water softener like the Scale Stopper. This type of water conditioner does the job without generating any waste water. In addition to its water-saving benefits, it offers advantages that you just have to know about! Unlike salt-using water softeners, scale stoppers:

  • Retains all the minerals found in your water. It does not add anything either, while salt softeners add sodium.
  • Does not require the use of electricity, salt and back-flushing so it really helps the environment and more importantly, saves water.
  • Does not require maintenance
  • Takes care of the appliances that use water so your appliances are likely to last longer.
  • Removes the collected scales in your pipes
  • Increases the efficiency of your heating tanks
  • Does not take up much space, so even when you have very limited space, you can still get in installed.
  • Eliminates acid baths and pressure washing
  • Saves money in many ways – currently the most practical option for you!
  • Permanent solution to your hard water problem.

Aside from changing your water softening system, you can go further in saving water by doing the following:

  1. Fixing your fixtures – Check your fixtures for leakage! This is one of the leading methods of wasting water in the world today. Determine if there are leakages in your fixtures. You can locate it by adding food coloring into your tank. If you also want to go the extra mile, it’s better to install fixture
  2. s that are efficient in saving water too. There are faucets,  shower heads and toilets along with other types of fixtures that are specially designed to conserve water. Choose the recommended, efficient ones.
  1. Making use of Greywater – Greywater is the wasted and untreated water that usually goes down our drains. We don’t spare these one thought, but we can actually reuse this in various ways. You can collect this manually or have a system installed to have it gathered. Once you have it in one place, you can use it for tasks that do not require treated water, such as watering your plants or washing the car or other useful activities. Surely, this beats just letting it all go down the drain, right?
  1. Changing our Habits – We can also save water by tweaking our daily habits. We are wasting more water daily through our routine tasks every day. For instance, you could be one of those people who allow water to run while brushing. I used to do it myself, but there is a more comfortable way of doing it that saves water as well: simply use a glass or a mug instead! The same is true in rinsing something. Instead of letting the water run, why don’t you try getting a bowl to rinse it in? There are a variety of changes you can do – small ones that can save hundreds and even thousands of gallons!
  1. Report water wasters – Despite the current problem with drought, there are still many people who just couldn’t care less. We now have emergency water saving regulations however so if there are people you know who mercilessly waste water in nonsensical things; you can now do something about it. You have the option to report them to the authorities in the event that they break the prohibitions in the new regulations.

After reading this, are you up for fighting against drought?  If you examine yourself, your habit and your household, do you think you are saving water or wasting it? These days it is imperative that you examine yourself and your practices concerning water usage. It is better to know  yourself and your habits so that you can do something about this drought, starting with yourself.  In any way, you can either start conserving water now or step up your methods in conserving water if you have already been doing it.

If you want to know more, there are also many other ideas that you can get online from various government sites that were made to support water conservation. Websites which were designed to help combat drought in California are available at your fingertips. You can apply the ideas you may find all around your house to conserve as much water as possible.

The list of things you can do is very long – seemingly endless – but we can always try with the smaller things first. They will eventually result in big water conservation. Remember that conserving water is our only option left in fighting against drought in California. So, let’s go all out! Let’s save our water today, before it’s too late!


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