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Saved Thousands and Received Great Help

Enclosed are pictures of my water system. I would have to say that purchasing from you (Clean Water Systems) has been a great online experience. I recently purchased a home in NC which has a well. I knew nothing about water systems, so I called several of the local water companies to give me estimates on servicing my existing system. Well I was told I had several problems with my water and needed all new equipment. Prices totaling $6,000 to $7,000. Neither company would service my existing system. I decided to go online and get educated.

I contacted several companies before I found Clean Water Systems. I spoke to a gentlemen named Brett. He had me send him pictures of my existing system and came up with several options all starting with using my existing filters. I decided to purchase a new filter to lower the pH and rebed my existing filter for iron removal. Brett said once I received my order he would walk me through the setup and installation.

Well my order came the day before Xmas so I decided to wait till the day after to begin. I called but Brett was out for the holiday, but I was told there was only one tech who was working and he would help. Alan picked up the call and spent all the time I needed (several calls) to setup the new filter as well as my existing one.

The install and setup took half a day and I saved 5 to 6 thousand dollars. I will only need to add one chemical every 6 months to a year at a cost less than $100. I was previously told by both local water companies I would need to be on a service contract for $150 per month to maintain my system. What a scam.

These guys are great. Thanks Brett and Alan.

I will be starting on my father-in-law's system in a couple of weeks.

Wayne S.
Weaverville, NC

Pictured: Neutralizer 7000-SXT Calcite 2.0 CF
Pictured: Neutralizer 7000-SXT Calcite 2.0 CF
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