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When To Use a Sediment Backwash Filter To Remove Sediment From Well Water

Sediment backwash filters work by removing sediment from water and then automatically backwash the sediment out.

Sediment backwash filters are able to filter down to 5 microns without the need to change filter cartridges and work great for removing fine particles, dirt, and rust.

Compared to filter sand and other filter media, you can get more water flowing through these backwash filters at higher flow rates with less pressure drop or pressure loss.

The automatic backwash control assures the media stays clean by periodically back-washing and rinsing the media clean of any trapped sediment.  The filter media lasts for years and is easy to change when needed.

If there are very large sediment particles present such as flakes, sand,  grit or hard clay particles, a 60 mesh filter strainer  (sometimes called “spin-down” filter) can be installed prior to the sediment backwash filter. In extreme cases where the particles are sub-micron, an ultra-filtration system is needed or a final 25/1 micron filter is recommended.

These systems are quick to install by any plumber or person familiar with basic plumbing. The filter system is connected to piping after your pressure tank:

plumbing diagramClick to view all of our Sediment Backwash Filters products. and for more information. For more help on removing sediment from your water, visit our Sediments page on our Water Problems tab.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected], leave us a message on Facebook, or use our online contact form for prompt, personalized assistance from our trained professionals.  Thanks for reading!

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