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When To Use a Spindown Filter for Well Water

If your filter cartridge is getting clogged way too fast, then it is time to consider using a spin down filter. Why should you consider using a Spindown Filter instead of a filter cartridge?

Most of our backwash filter systems (like the iron filters, sediment backwash filters, or calcite neutralizers) do remove quite a lot of sediment, but they cannot take out sand or grit, which can wear out and ruin the backwash control valve, fill up the filter tank, and are too heavy to get backwashed out.

stainless steel ball valve
Stainless Steel Motorized Ball Valve with Timer. Makes flushing the Rusco Spindown filters automatic.

Some of the benefits of the Spindown Filter include; having no cartridges to change, can be easily flushed of accumulated sediment, can be set up with auto flush valve, and protect the softener or iron filter control valves from damage due to sand, grit, and larger particles.

Choosing Filter Size:

Generally speaking, for household use the most appropriate filter is the 3/4” or 1” Spin-down or Sediment Trapper filter, we recommend the Sediment Trapper type, as it can handle an exceptionally high amount of sediment.  Irrigation and other higher flow rate applications (>25 GPM) are best served by our 1.5” or 2” Spin-down or Sediment Trapper models. You should select the smallest filter that corresponds to the flow rate, or GPM, of your system to guarantee more efficient filtration performance.

Choosing Mesh Size:

Mesh size corresponds to the number of holes per inch. Choosing the coarsest mesh that will remove the type of sediment you are dealing with is a good rule to go by, this will help to extend the life of your system and reduce how often the filter requires cleaning. Lower mesh numbers correspond to coarser mesh while higher mesh numbers correspond to finer meshes.

choosing mesh size

See diagram below: this is for a well that has large grit or sand, and fine sediment.  The 60 mesh spindown filter strainer removes the larger particles, the big blue dual-grade 25/1 micron filter cartridge gets the fine particles before the softener.  The 25/1 won't get prematurely clogged by the big sand and grit.

installation diagramFor more information on removing sediment from your water, visit our Sediments page on our Water Problems tab.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected], leave us a message on Facebook.

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