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Never Fear Manganese with These New Filters from Clean Water Systems

Manganese is a naturally occurring mineral that often accompanies iron as a waterborne contaminant.  It is found in rocks and soil and is a necessary part of a healthy human diet.  While low levels of manganese are harmless – beneficial, in fact – higher levels of manganese contamination and ingestion can cause serious health concerns, … Continue reading Never Fear Manganese with These New Filters from Clean Water Systems

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Well and Hot Water Smells

Can’t you smell that smell? While well water users are more prone to experiencing odors and bacteria in their water, city water users should not feel immune to water contamination by bacteria and odor. There are many ways for such contamination to occur and more than a few available treatment methods.  But which is right … Continue reading Well and Hot Water Smells

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Hydrogen Peroxide in water

Yesterday we were asked a good question in a comment on a blog post from back in March about disinfecting water with hydrogen peroxide.  Erik asked, “What would the recommended dosage of H2O2 be per volume unit of water?” The dosage of H2O2 required depends on the concentration of contaminants in water, not so much … Continue reading Hydrogen Peroxide in water

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