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Birm, Greensand, and MangOX Iron Filters: A Primer

Iron makes up 5% of the Planet's crust and is found in well water throughout the world. Whenever the amount of iron in your well water is higher than 0.3 Milligrams Per Liter (mg/L) the water can have a rusty, red-colored, brownish, or even yellow color, and cause discoloration of fixtures as well as laundry. Metallic tastes will probably be present and the water may smell horrible.

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Chemical-free Odor Treatment with AIR Charger Iron Filters

Well water often has iron, manganese, sulfur odors and sediment. These are the most common problems we hear about from well owners.  A powerful and effective method for treating well water is chlorination combined with oxidizing iron filtration, but many folks don't want to use chlorine.   Even though our chlorinator systems often include a carbon component to … Continue reading Chemical-free Odor Treatment with AIR Charger Iron Filters

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I Received Great Advice From Everyone I Talked To At Your Company

It went very smoothly and I received some great advice from everyone I talked to at your company. Thank you! – Nick Behre Eureka , CA

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The acid neutralizer,green sand tanks, and softener work perfectly!

  I purchased a Fleck 7000 water system through you in August 2010. The acid neutralizer,green sand tanks and softener work perfectly.  Thank you! Dave Tanks Fredericksburg, VA

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