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Thanks for Your Expertise and Prompt Service- Testimonial

Attached is a picture of our completed well water treatment system.  I eliminated  the corner shower in our master bath, but left the shower pan with the floor drain to catch any spillage (changing water filter or servicing the Sanitron  UV water purifier).
It also provides a drain for regenerating the Model 7000 neutralizer (on left in picture foreground).The walls are lined with white Melamine board from Lowes.

Electrical for the UV filter & neutralizer is provided by a dedicated circuit attached to the outlet on the right below the Sanitron.  And the entire system is concealed by folding doors so that it looks like a bathroom closet.

This is the system designed for us by Gerry Bulfin of The Clean Water Store.  It has worked extremely well.  Thanks for your expertise and for the prompt service we have received on supply orders since installing the system.

Don S

Old Fort, NC

Pictured: S37C Ultraviolet Sterilizer, Big Blue Sediment Filter, Neutralizer Filter 7000
Pictured: S37C Ultraviolet Sterilizer, Big Blue Sediment Filter, Calcite Neutralizer Filter 7000


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