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The Air Charge Sulfur Filter Works Great

I have the Air Charge Sulfur Filter installed in my house water system, which is on a well with a submersible pump, and it works great.

We had a horrible rotten egg smell and the well company's solution was to chlorinate the well periodically. I did not like the idea of doing this for health reasons and for the fact of we are not correcting the problem so much as making a temporary fix. After doing a water test with an independent lab, we also found some bacteria in the sample along with hardness.

So, I installed the sulfur filter in series with a softener and a UV filter and it works great. We have no more smell, soft water, and after two tests in the last year zero bacteria. The system started working immediately as the smell went away the first day I had it up and going, and that was without the other two parts of my system in yet. I am not a plumber, but very mechanically inclined, and I did the entire install myself.

The support and service I received from the Clean Water Store also was excellent, they answered every question/issue I had in a very timely and professional manner and I would recommend them to anyone. Feel free to use this info for anyone thinking of purchasing a system from you.

Paul Renshaw

From left to right: Paul's Air Charge Sulfur Filter, Fleck 7000 Softener, and Trojan UVMax
Trojan UVMax D4 System
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