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Water Tastes Great – Very Pleased So Far

Here is a picture of my installed system. My flow valve is installed after my outside water pipes so I don’t use peroxide while watering outside or using water outside of the house.

The small tank to the left of the water pressure tank is the hydrogen peroxide solution tank. I covered it with an aluminum/bubble insulation blanket to reduce oxidation of the solution. The water flows through the sediment filter, through the flow valve and next to the peroxide mixing valve at the upper rear.

The water then flows through the light colored tank, (which is my old water softener with the media removed), which is my contact tank. Then the water goes through the charcoal filter and then to the silver water conditioner and then out to the house. We were very happy that we were able to get this installed in a very compact space and, so far, have been very pleased with the new system. The water tastes great and we have yet to see any scale build up or iron staining from the new system.

Jamie S.
Saucier, MS

Neutralizer 7000-SXT Calcite-Blend
Pictured: Neutralizer 7000-SXT Calcite-Blend
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