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Whole House Water Filter Systems for Chlorine and Chloramines, Part III

We will finish our series on Whole House Water Filter Systems for Chlorine and Chloramine Removal today with a look at one final chlorine removal method: the filter cartridge.

 Radial Carbon Big Blue Filter and Cartridge
Radial Carbon Big Blue Filter and Cartridge

Unlike the CX-MCA Aquasorb mentioned last Wednesday, regular carbon filter cartridges cannot remove chloramines.

However, they will effectively filter chlorine and can be preferable if your chlorine levels are fairly low, or if you don't have much room to install a large filter tank.

Filter cartridges are definitely the least expensive method of chlorine removal initially; however, over time their upkeep will actually become more expensive than that of a backwash or upflow carbon filter, as you'll have to replace the filter cartridge regularly to keep the filter working properly.

This is why filter cartridges are better suited to water with lower levels of chlorine so that the filter doesn't become fouled up and require replacement quite so often.

We often recommend Big Blue radial carbon filters for homeowners looking to filter their water of chlorine with a cartridge filter, as they are relatively inexpensive, offer great flow rates, and are very effective filters.

To remove chloramines with a cartridge filter, you'll need a special filter that uses catalytic carbon (the same element used in Aquasorb media).  Like the Aquasorb filters, a catalytic carbon cartridge filter will effectively remove chloramines as well as chlorine and other foul tastes and odors.

For users looking to filter chlorine and chloramines with a cartridge filter, we recommend the Pentek Chlorplus chloramine removal system.  This system comes with everything you'll need for installation and operation and will filter your water down to 1 micron while offering superior performance compared to regular granular carbon media.

Chloramine ChlorPlus-10BB Filter System
Chloramine ChlorPlus-10BB Filter System

If you've been following this series, you should now have a good understanding of some of the most popular chlorine/chloramine filtration methods.

Check out our online store to browse our selection of chlorine and chloramine filters, including the filters mentioned in this series, and consult our Resource pages to read more about carbon backwash filters, chlorine, and other waterborne chemicals.

And don't forget, you can always e-mail us at [email protected], leave us a message on Facebook, or use our online contact form to get quick, personalized assistance with your water woes.  Thanks for reading!

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