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With filtration efficiency in the 3-5 Micron range, Turbidex's enhanced performance results in down stream savings costs for chemicals, filter cartridges, membrane cleaning, and membrane life.

With nominal service flow rate up to 15 gpm/ft2 in presssure filters, Turbidex allows significant savings in initial equipment costs when compared to traditional medias.

Traditional sediment filtration media rely on mechanical straining to remove suspended solids for turbidity reduction, Turbidex media incorporates straining as well as ion exchange, sedimentation and flocculation to produce clear water down to <0.1 NTU of turbidity. 

The loading capacity of Turbidex media is up to 1.5 times greater than multi-media and up to 2.8 times greater than sand filters. This results in longer run times with less frequent backwashing, resulting in water savings.


Manufacturer: Turbidex

Manufacturer #: M1002360

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