Ozone Bubbler > Sediment Filter > Centaur Carbon

Ozone Bubbler >  Sediment Filter > Centaur Carbon

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UV2800 Ozone Generator: 1.0 GH 120V 60Hz Sealed Lamp
OS000050 $4701 $3,133.75
Air Pump AP1 120v
A1000950 $814 $695.00
Stainless Steel Booster Pump 1.0 HP 220v 60hz Corrosion Proof
Select your Voltage Options:
P4000970 $765
Carbon Backwash Filter 5900-BT 1.5 CF 10x54
Choose Your Carbon Media:
KDF Cubes - Extend Life of Carbon:
Spin-Down Auto-Flush Pre-Filter Offer:
Drain Line Tubing Tubing:
Stainless Steel Flex Lines to Make Installation Faster and Easier:
Add a Black Neoprene Jacket Or Stainless Steel Jacket to Protect from Sunlight and Stop Condensation:
CF003950 $2395 $1,249.00