Ozone demand

Ozone demand in grams per hour calculator

How to use the ozone calculator:

One way to size ozone generators is in grams per hour. This ozone calculator will tell you the output of the ozone generator you need to use for a particular purpose, in grams per hour.

Step 1: Enter flow rate. Flow rate is the rate at which the water is flowing in the pipe you are injecting the ozone into.
Step 2: Enter the iron level. If the iron level is zero, enter zero.
Step 3: Enter the Manganese level. If zero, enter zero.
Step 4: Enter the Hydrogen Sulfide level, zero or above.
Step 5: Enter the Tannins level, zero or above.
Step 6: If you want bacteria disinfection, enter 1. If you don't need disinfection, enter 0.

Flow Rate Gallons Per Minute
Liters Per Minute
Hydrogen Sulfide
Bacteria Disinfection
Ozone demand in grams per hour:
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