Proportional Soda Ash System: 85MHP40 w/ 30 Gal Tank

Proportional Soda Ash System: 85MHP40 w/ 30 Gal Tank
Code: SO000040

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Choosing a System

Rugged certified components inject soda ash based on flow. Plug 110v Pump Control Module into wall outlet and attach cable to flow sensor. Plug metering pump into outlet on Pump Control Unit. Instantly the system will inject soda ash based on flow rate of water! No electrician required, easy plug- and plug installation.

Please Note: Max line pressure on all systems is 100 PSI.

Free Expert Technical Setup and Support

We have installed hundreds of soda ash systems and can give you expert advice on the exact type of soda ash solution to use, how much to use and what settings to use with your new system. Our easy-to-use installation guide will guide you through the steps, but if you need help or have questions, we are just a phone call or email away!


  • Injects precise amount based on flow rate of water
  • The system is optimized for soda ash injection
  • Takes sodium carbonate (Soda Ash)
  • Pump easily mounted on the top of the tank or a wall.

System Includes

  • 85MHP40 40 GPD Stenner Pump with 30 gallon certified heavy-duty polyethylene solution tank
  • Carlon 1" (or 1-1/2" if specified) Flow Sensor 1 gallon/pulse
  • 20" roll of suction/discharge tubing
  • CSI Proportional Relay Panel
  • Includes pH Test Kit
  • 3 Connecting nuts (14" or 34"), 3 ferrules
  • 1 Injection Check valve
  • 1 Spare pump tube
  • 1 Mounting Bracket
  • 1 Stenner Manual

Manufacturer: CWS

Manufacturer #: SO000040