Water Heater Odor Killer Eliminate Odors Hot Water

Water Heater Odor Killer Eliminate Odors Hot Water

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  • Dimensions: Length with ball valve attached: 14-3/8"; Width: 4-1/2"
  • Pipe thread type: 3/4" female pipe thread
  • How to install: Turn off water pressure to water heater. Install Water Heater Odor Killer on the inlet to the water heater using 3/4" pipe nipples (can be ordered as an option) to your existing 3/4" flex Line already on your water heater. Fill with store bought 3% hydrogen peroxide. Turn water back on and run hot water in house until you notice bubbles. Let sit for 4 to hours.
  • Includes one Rusco Hot Water Spin Down Filter 3/4" Pipe Size, 60 Mesh. These filters are ideally suited to be used as pre-filters for water heaters.
  • Installed on the cold line to the water, it can be used as a convenient way to add hydrogen peroxide or chlorine bleach to the water heater, which will instantly eliminate sulfur odors in water heaters. Unlike regular plastic pre-filters, the Rusco Hot Water Filter is chemically resistant, and not affected by higher temperatures, should any hot water back up into it.
  • It is easy to install and needs to be on the cold line leading to the water heater.Includes 1/2" manual flush ball valve.

Here's how it works:

  • Shut off water before the Rusco Hot Water Filter and open a hot water faucet after water heater
  • By hand, unscrew bottom sump on filter and add 1 cup of drug-store bought 3% hydrogen peroxide (peroxide also sold separately here)
  • Turn water back on and run hot water for several minutes
  • Allow water heater to sit for 3-4 hours
  • Odors are GONE!
  • Kills bacteria in water heaters
  • Eliminates odors and slime build-up
  • For most water heaters we recommend the 3/4" 60 mesh size Rusco Hot Water Spin Down Filter
  • Kill Water Heater Odors fast and easy with peroxide or chlorine bleach (peroxide recommended)
  • Safe non-toxic peroxide breaks down into oxygen and water after killing odors
  • 3/4" strainer screen installs conveniently on your water heater inlet


  • Rusco Hot Water Filter (60 mesh 3/4" NPT thread works best)
  • Stainless steel screen
  • Chemical Resistant - peroxide or bleach won't harm housing
  • Easy flushing valve to flush out sediment which may build up in water heater
  • water heater odor killer diagram
water heater odor killer

Hello - I finally had a plumber come yesterday and install the spin-down hot water filter I got from you in order to add Hydrogen Peroxide to our hot water tank in order to solve our odor and stain problem.

Installation was easy for him and I loaded it with the hydrogen peroxide - one time - and the odor and stains disappeared immediately.

Immediately - like magic. Thanks so much - we have been living with this nightmare for a couple months now and were so hopeful it would work. I had no idea it would work this well. Thanks again.

Canfield, Ohio

We were quoted literally 2K to filter out sulfur in a hot water heater. Replaced the anode rod with aluminum one and installed this device. Used one shot of hydrogen peroxide and the smell has been gone for almost two months!

Thomas R. Ennis,

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Manufacturer: Rusco

Manufacturer #: MS010540

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