Water Softener 7500-REV4 UpFlow Brining 80K 13x54

Water Softener 7500-REV4 UpFlow Brining 80K 13x54
Code: WS006440

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Water Softener 7500-Rev4: Advanced Upflow Softener Uses Less Salt, Saves Water & Lasts Longer!

High Quality Salt-Efficient Water Softener: Eliminates Or Dramatically Reduces White Spotting On Fixtures And Dishware
Advanced 7500-Rev2.5 Salt-Saver Control Valve Automatically Monitors Water Usage And Only Regenerates Based On Actual Demand In The Home.
Ceramic Disc Valve Lasts Years Longer Than Standard Piston Type Control Valves And Can Process Over 150,000 Cycles.
Fully Adjustable Backwash And Rinse Cycles, Saving Water And Allowing Maximized Performance.
Prevents Scale And Calcium Build-Up Inside Pipes, Water Heaters, Fixtures, And Appliances
Counteracts Drying Effects Of Hard Water, Allowing You To Enjoy Softer Skin And Hair
Saves On Laundry: Clothes Come Out Cleaner And Softer Without Chemicals, Bleach, Or Detergents. Clothing Lasts Longer!
Excellent 10 Year Warranty On Tanks And 5 Year Warranty On Control Valve.
Monitor Flow Rates, History Of Water Usage And Settings If Desired.
Easy To Install By Anyone Familiar With Basic Plumbing, Or Any Plumber Or Handyman Can Install.

Sizing Guide

ModelNumber of Bathrooms in HomePipe Fittings IncludedTank Dimensions
16k11"Width: 6" Height: 41"
24k11"Width: 8" Height: 51"
32k1 - 21"Width: 9" Height: 55"
48k1 - 2.51"Width: 10" Height: 61"
64k1.5 - 31"Width: 12" Height: 60"
80k2 - 51"Width: 13" Height: 61"

Brine Tank Sizing Guide

Brine TankSalt Capacity (lbs)Tank Dimensions
Square Brine Tank (Almond)150Length: 13" Width: 13" Height: 32.5"
Square Brine Tank (Almond)250Length: 15" Width: 15:" Height: 39"
Round Brine Tank (Almond)500Width: 24" Height: 41"
Round Brine Tank (Black)350Width: 18" Height: 33"


  • 10 year Warranty on the filter tanks. All tanks are Certified & top quality.
  • 5 Year Warranty on the control valve. 
  • 90 Day money-back guarantee (some exclusions, see Return Policy)
  • See our Return Policy Here

Downflow Brining Versus Upflow Brining

An ion exchange softener can be regenerated by either downflow or upflow brining. In downflow brining, the brine flows through the softener from TOP to BOTTOM, in the same direction that the service flow occurs (referred to as Co-current).

In upflow brining, the brine flows through the softener from the BOTTOM TO TOP, in the opposite direction of service flow (Counter-current).

In general, upflow brining softener systems are more brine efficient than downflow systems.

For example, they are generally run at lower brining flow rates which increases contact time as discussed previously. Another reason is the efficiency gains from co-current to counter-current regeneration. Water efficiency is also generally better in upflow systems as these systems will have, on average, more capacity between regenerations with similar water use per regeneration. At the beginning of a regeneration cycle, the resin highest in hardness is at the top of the bed, and the resin with the least amount of hardness is at the bottom of the bed.

In downflow (co-current) regeneration, hardness that is exchanged off of the resin during brining is pushed down the bed, where it continues to exchange on and off the resin until its pushed from the bed. The freshest brine is being used on the most depleted portion of the bed.

This highly regenerated portion of resin acts as a polisher which decreases hardness leakage. This allows an upflow regenerated softener to use a lower salt dose while achieving the same quality water (i.e. low hardness leakage).

Care must be taken when choosing upflow versus downflow regeneration as upflow regeneration is not suitable for all installations. In particular, brine and slow rinse rates must be maintainable at a level low enough to prevent fluidizing of the resin bed. It is most suitable in cases where feed water has lLOW concentrations of iron and particulates.

Manufacturer: CWS

Manufacturer #: WS006440

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