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Chlorination Systems

Why use a chlorinator for well or spring water?



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  • Kill harmful coliform and ecoli bacteria
  • Eliminate sulfur (hydrogen sulfide) odors
  • Oxidize iron, manganese for easier filtration
  • Easy to install yourself or by any plumber
  • Low cost and very effective
  • Choose between chlorine bleach, pellets, or powder

Why use a home well chlorinator?

Chlorine can be easily and inexpensively injected into water to kill bacteria and inactivate viruses, and/or treat water for odor, iron or manganese.

The most common way to chlorinate home or small community water systems is by the use of a metering pump which pumps a small amount of liquid chlorine bleach into the water. Sufficient contact time must be allowed for the chlorine to be effective. A carbon backwash filter can be used to remove the chlorine before it enters the home if desired.

The best pump for most homeowners is the Stenner peristaltic pump which is self-priming and very easy to use and service.

Liquid chlorine (bleach) is injected right out of the well, before the pressure tank. Typically a contact tank is used to allow sufficient contact or retention time for the chlorine or hydrogen peroxide to work properly.

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3 methods to install a chlorinator (or hydrogen peroxide) pump for a home well system:

  1. Wire it so the chlorinator pump turns on when the well pump turns on. home well water clorinator chlorination
  2. Use a proportional water meter that allows the chlorinator pump to pump more or less chlorine based on the flow rate or speed of the water. proportional feed chlorination well water
  3. Use a flow switch, so that when there is flow, the metering pump turns on chlorinator and flow switch well water

We have installed and/or supplied hundreds of chlorination systems for homes, small communities, state and national parks, campgrounds, commercial and industrial applications over the last 24 years. Please contact us for design help in selecting the best system for your needs or if you have any questions. Call us toll-free at 1-888-600-5426.

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Fill out the Chlorinator Help Form and get a reply within 24 hours.

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