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Easy to Install and Use Non-Electric Chlorinator
  • Not a pool type low-pressure chlorinator (although they look similar)
  • Uses Unique system to allow Chlorinator to be installed AFTER Pressure Tank
  • Good for up to 80 PSI pressure
  • Includes fittings for 1-1/2" and also 3/4". Easy to adapt from 1-1/2" to 1" PVC.
  • Eliminate iron bacteria, odors
  • Works great to pretreat well water before filtration
  • Heavy duty construction. 3 Year Warranty.
  • Try it for 90 Days. Return for Money Back if Not Happy!


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Please note, No Refund On Chlorine Pellets:

We have sold thousands of these pellets feeders for many years and we have had very few returns. Most customers love them and have good results.  However, if you have a very small pressure tank less than 40 gallons it will over-feed the chlorine and you may have trouble with too high of a chlorine residual.

For best results we recommend:

A bypass with 3 PVC ball valves should be installed around this chlorine feeder to make it easier to adjust the chlorine residual
An existing well pressure tank ideally should be a minimum 40 gallon well pressure tank
A minimum 30 gallon contact tank after pressure tank to allow sufficient contact time.
Carbon filter after contact tank to reduce or eliminate chlorine taste and odor.
Buy a small amount of chlorine pellets as pellets cannot be returned, or purchase your pellets locally.
There is a 25% restocking charge on returned units. 


  • Dry Pellet In-Line Chlorinator Model 400 is designed for well water applications, not for pools like other pellet feeders you see online.
  • Designed for installation after a pressure tank.
  • If you are installing it on a continuous pressure line and have no pressure tank, add the Optional Feed Rate Valve.
  • For best results and consistent chlorine dosing we recommend a contact tank be installed after the Chlorinator to give some time after the chlorine has been injected
  • After contact tank to remove chlorine residual if desired install a low cost whole house carbon backwash filter for clean water throughout the house!
  • If being used for residential applications, a whole-house carbon filter is recommended after the contact tank.
  • The Model 400 dry chlorine pellet feeder is designed to operate with a standard well pump and pressure tank, up to 80 PSI.
  • If you have a variable speed well pump that delivers constant pressure we recommend a proportionally fed JPRO-22 chlorinator using liquid bleach
  • No messy chemicals; no moving parts; no electricity required.
  • Corrosion-proof construction.
  • PVC Construction from all -certified materials. PVC used in the Model 400 is certified for drinking water.
  • Adjustable metering of chemicals. Fast and easy refilling.
  • Never needs priming.
  • Holds about 4 lbs of 3/8" pellets in one filling.
  • One filling with pellets will typically treat 15,000 to 20,000 gallons of water before requiring refilling.
  • For best results use the Sentry 3/8" 1 gram pellets.
  • When adjusted to the #1 hole setting, the unit should dispense approximately 2.0 ppm of chlorine and the system should process approximately 15,000 to 20,000 gallons of water before needing to be refilled.
  • Easy to install.
  • Note: For gravity or non-pressure tank installations, the optional Feed Rate Valve must be ordered separately.  
  • NOT FOR USE on constant pressure variable speed well pump systems.  Works great for standard pressure tank well pump systems but do not recommend for use for constant pressure systems where there is no pressure tank.   
  • NOT FOR USE with Cycle Stop Valves. Cycle Stop Valves turn your standard well pump in to a constant pressure pump style system and we recommend a proportional meter liquid bleach system for proportional feed systems.
  • For best results, use a contact tank and carbon filter after the Model 400.
  • Includes two 1-1/2" PVC slip unions plus two 3/4" NPT (threaded) unions.
  • If you have 1" or 1-1/4" pipe, you can purchase bushing reducers to go from 1-1/2" to your pipe size at most hardware stores
  • Designed for flow rates up to 15 gallons per minute but much higher flow rates possible.

  • NOTE:While this is feeder is made from FDA Approved Materials, it is not Certified. If your application is a commercial application requiring certification please contact us for a liquid bleach feeder pump.
Install with 3 valve bypass so you can partially bypass Model 400 if chlorine levels are higher than you need.   

In some cases the Model 400 will dispense 5 to 10 PPM of chlorine even at the lowest setting.  If your water does not need this much you can partially open the bypass valve to lower chlorine levels.

For best results we recommend a contact retention tank and carbon filter after the Model 400.

NOTE: This does not work well with non-pressurized storage tanks or very small pressure tanks less than 40 gallons. If you are wishing to supply chlorine to feed a storage tank from a well, with no pressure tank, the minimum chlorine levels will be 10 PPM.  For storage tank applications it is better to use a liquid bleach system.  See our JPRO-22 Well Water Chlorinator.

Model 400 Chlorinator with 3 ball valve bypass.  
The middle valve is normally closed, however it can be partially opened to lower chlorine levels.

90 day satisfaction return! Does not include pellets.

3 Year Warranty against leaks or defects! AUTOMATED PURE WATER, INC. warranties it?s components and parts as follows: For a period of three (3) years from the date of installation, Automated Pure Water, Inc. will repair or replace any part or component found to be defective in materials or workmanship, provided it was used in accordance with the printed instructions and all building codes in effect, and system did not exceed 80 pounds per square inch or different types of chlorine were mixed together. Defective parts must be returned for inspection.

NOTE:  chlorine pellets cannot be returned.  

Manufacturer: Automated Pure Water Inc.

Manufacturer #: Model 400

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