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How to Remove Iron and Neutralize Acid Water with Pro-OX-AIR Blend Filters

There are two types of Pro-OX Air systems, the Pro-OX AIR standard system, and the Pro-OX AIR blend which not only removes iron and odors, but also eliminates acid water conditions in your well water. Learn how to remove iron and neutralize acid water in a single water treatment system.
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Choosing a Calcite Water Neutralizer for Acid Well Water

A Calcite Water Neutralizer Can Treat Acid Waters From pH 5.0 up to pH 6.9. A calcite water neutralizer will work best for treating acid well water if the pH of the water is between 5 and 6.9.  Over 6.9 no neutralizer is needed. For pH levels below 5.0, we generally recommend a chemical feed … Continue reading Choosing a Calcite Water Neutralizer for Acid Well Water
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Top 9 Causes of Copper Corrosion in Home Piping Systems

Causes, prevention, and treatment of copper corrosion
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Sediments, Stains and Water Sediment Filters 101

When you have a water system that uses well water, it is important to do regular water testing to ensure that the water that the well is supplying into your household is safe. Sometimes, bacteria, stains and sediments can be found in the water. Often, water sediment filters won’t take care of everything. Unlike city … Continue reading Sediments, Stains and Water Sediment Filters 101
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Very Happy With The Service And Fast Delivery

It was extremely easy  for my handy husband to install.  He watched  a YouTube video. No more copper stains in my shower,gone is the rust in hot water,and it tastes great now.
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Everything Seems To Be Going Well

So far, everything seems to be going well.
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Fairly Easy Installation

In all it was a fairly easy installation with the instruction booklets provided. I would however suggest one improvement with the calcite tank design (light tank). As you can see in the photos the opening for the refill of calcite did not thread to the front of the tank. This will make refills some what … Continue reading Fairly Easy Installation
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I Am Really Impressed With the Effectiveness and Reliability of Your Product

My system is functioning perfectly and has kept the household water pH at almost exactly 7.0.  It tends to run one or two tenths alkaline, which is fine by me.  My well water is about 5.8 without treatment and it was eating up the solder joints in my copper pipes.  I have attached two photographs … Continue reading I Am Really Impressed With the Effectiveness and Reliability of Your Product
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Neutralizer Installation Went Well

Here is an overall view of the whole system.  The 100 gal stock tank will be replaced with a poly closed head type sprayer tank when I can get it thru the basement door.  That area still under construction.  That will eliminate excess basement dampness.  The windows have flip up covers to keep the sun … Continue reading Neutralizer Installation Went Well
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Thank You For Your Expert Help and Excellent Product

Installed the pH Neutralizer this past Friday and all went well. Tested the water using some strips that I have at the bathroom faucet and above 7.0. Looking good! Thank you for your expert help and excellent product. – David Abercrombie Concord, NC    
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