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Is Smelly Hot Water Dangerous?

Should You Be Concerned if You Have Smelly Hot Water in Your Home? If you are a homeowner who has private well water at your residence, you may assume that water that comes directly from the earth will be pure and crystal clear. This isn't always the case. Often, this “natural” water may smell or … Continue reading Is Smelly Hot Water Dangerous?

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How To Fix Well Water That Smells Bad? Simple Actions to Take.

Many homeowners contact us to find out how to fix well water that smells bad. Water containing hydrogen sulfide gas (“H2S”), has a distinctive "rotten egg" odor, which may be especially noticeable when running hot water. Such water can discolor coffee, tea, and other beverages, and affect the taste of water. It can also change the taste of cooked foods. Hydrogen sulfide (“H2S”) gas is a nuisance that is not usually a health risk at concentrations normally found in household water.

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