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Full House Reverse Osmosis: Finally, someone who knows what they are talking about

I have very hard water. 135 grains hard. I have spoken to many people at competitive companies about full house Reverse Osmosis and simply have not met anyone like Demian Ashley at Clean Water.

Once we spoke, I simply knew I had found the right place. Demian is an incredible wealth of knowledge and really wants you to buy exactly and only what you need. The online schematics of how these things all go together– Covering virtually every water scenario imaginable are really straightforward and make the entire process much more manageable.

Other companies have been perplexed by my water. Questioned that it is that hard even after 3 times being tested, told me they will get back, then don't, or tell me it is only possible to soften the water, but that RO won't work. Bad water is no fun… These guys aren't Cowboys. Clean Water Store will sort it out. – Christopher, Stuyvesant, NY

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full house reverse osmosis


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