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Point of Use Ozone and How to Use It

Source: Marin Municipal Water District
Source: Marin Municipal Water District

Ozonation is a process used for disinfecting water. It is a common water treatment method used to replace chlorination for a variety of different purposes.

Ozone is a chemical compound with three oxygen atoms bound together. The molecule has a strong negative charge. In a solution over-saturated with positively charged particles such as Calcium, Sodium, Sulfur, Iron, and Manganese, the ozone will oxidize its surroundings.

The result of these bonds are reduced compounds that are no longer soluble in the water. Inactive particles, including unwanted odors and tastes in water are then no longer a threat to your water quality.

Ozone Boy Ozone Water Filter
Ozone Boy Ozone Water Filter

Different Shapes and Sizes:

Point of use Ozone filters can be attached directly to the sink faucet for easy vegetable and meat cleaning. Fill a pitcher or large container with ozonated water and leave for 20 minutes to allow for best disinfection results. These systems come with an on and off switch for the ozone feature to be able to control when or when not to treat your water.

Other ozone treatments can be designed for an entire room. The Ozone 500-i  has an attached hose that can be directly placed into a container of water, for vegetable and meat cleaning as explained above.

This system has an extra feature with a Negative Ion Generator that will treat your air with ozone as well. Check back on the CWS blog next week for more detailed posts on our very new CWS, original product!

Ozone 500-i Multi-Functional Ozone / Negative Ion Generator
Ozone 500-i Multi-Functional Ozone / Negative Ion Generator



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