Ozone Contact Retention Tank 1465 40 Gal. 1-1/2" In-Out

Ozone Contact Retention Tank 1465 40 Gal. 1-1/2" In-Out
Code: T2002070

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Sizing Guide

ModelCapacityInlet - Outlet TypePipe Size OptionsDimensions
CWS-146540 GallonsIn at Bottom, Out at BottomIn-Out 1"Diameter 14" Height 74"
CWS-166550 GallonsIn at Bottom, Out at BottomIn-Out: 1"Diameter: 16.5" Height: 75.5"
CWS-216290 GallonsIn at Bottom, Out at BottomIn-Out: 1"Diameter: 21.5" Height: 84.5"
CWS-2472129 GallonsIn at Bottom, Out at BottomIn-Out: 1"Diameter: 24.5" Height: 96"


  • CWS Ozone Contact Mixing Tanks work great for ozone retention and off-gassing!
  • Water enters at bottom and is distributed and rapidly mixed inside tank giving vital contact time to ozone gas under pressure.
  • Bottom drain makes flushing and rinsing out sediment fast and easy.
  • Pipe size is 1" NPT in and out with inner 1" distributor tube, all in Schedule 80 PVC.
  • Unlike other contact tanks rated for 75 PSI max, this tank is rated for 125 PSI.
  • Heavier duty, longer lasting.
  • Get much better mass-traer of ozone gas into water.
  • Remove excess air and gasses with the automatic stainless steel ozone off-gas vent.
  • These lightweight seamless totally non-corrosive retention tanks are ideal for new and replacement installation where longest life is desired.
  • 100% non-metallic polymer materials.
  • Impervious to chemical attack.
  • Seamless one-piece inner shell, certified.
  • No vulnerable interior tank coating.
  • 125 psig operating pressure.
  • Drain is easy to install using PVC or stainless steel ball valves.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: What size should I order for oxidizing iron, odors or for mixing?
  • Answer: For most residential applications where you are injecting chlorine or peroxide or other chemicals before your filtration system, the 40 gallon tank works best.
  • Question: What size should I get if I wish to disinfect water of coliform bacteria?
  • Answer: This will depend on the pH and the concentration ozone you are injecting, but generally you want 5 to 10 minutes of contact time, so a larger 80 gallon or 125 gallon may be recommended.

Weight: 70.00 lbs


Manufacturer: Noyi

Manufacturer #: 1465