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UV Light Water Treatment

Are you a city water user, or a well water user? Whatever your answer, you have likely drunk water that was disinfected with chlorine. Chlorine was instrumental in the creation of the first municipal water systems due to its efficiency as an anti-bacterial agent and is now a popular choice for well water users looking … Continue reading UV Light Water Treatment

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Water Tests

While relying on a private well can offer some great advantages – namely, the ability to completely control the quality and composition of your water – most well water users can attest that it comes with its own share of disadvantages as well. Perhaps the biggest trouble with well water stems from the variety of … Continue reading Water Tests

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Water Flow Rate

One question that comes up often is “How do I know how many gallons per minute my well pump is pumping?”  This is crucial information when purchasing or installing water treatment systems, as they all come in different sizes and have different requirements based on your flow rate. For example, say your well pump has … Continue reading Water Flow Rate

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Satisfied With Fleck 7000 Softener

Hey Brett, The new system appears to be doing a great job! Thanks for all your help and support! Certainly will be promoting your company. Mike Mutchler Weatherford, TX

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Flooding in Oklahoma and Midwest – What To Do If Your Well Is Flooded

Although the severe weather in the Midwest has caused deaths and destruction of property, the storms have brought some relief to farmers who have been suffering through a record drought. This water is a great benefit to farmers and the area water tables, but is also causing severe flooding in many rural areas.  Some of … Continue reading Flooding in Oklahoma and Midwest – What To Do If Your Well Is Flooded

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Drought Impacts Well Water Treatment Systems And Water Quality

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the North American Drought is a record-breaking expansion of the drought which started in 2010, when the shortage of snow and rain in North America resulted in little or no run-off and melt-water to soak into the soil. The shortage of water encompasses 80% of the United … Continue reading Drought Impacts Well Water Treatment Systems And Water Quality

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Can I test my own well water for coliform bacteria at home?

A question we often get is: “I’m mainly concerned with the safety of my well water. Can I test it myself for coliform bacteria?” According to the USEPA, coliform bacteria are common in the environment.  While coliform may or may not make you sick, the presence of these bacteria in well water or spring water … Continue reading Can I test my own well water for coliform bacteria at home?

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Coliform and E.Coli Bacteria Water Contamination?

Coliform and/or E.Coli Bacteria In Your Well Water? Bacteria exist in many well waters, especially shallow or poorly constructed wells under the influence of water from the surface.  However even if your well is a deep properly constructed well, it can become accidentally contaminated by coliform bacteria. Septic tanks can contaminate drinking water wells with … Continue reading Coliform and E.Coli Bacteria Water Contamination?

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Water Stains? How to Identify The Top 5 Stains

Does your well water cause pink, red, brown, black, or blue stains to appear on your fixtures or appliances? Unsightly stains can show up on fixtures, appliances, or when washing laundry as well as your hair. These stains show up generally as pink, rust or reddish, black colored, dark brown, and green stains. Pink stains … Continue reading Water Stains? How to Identify The Top 5 Stains

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Posted on By Gerry Bulfin

Testing Well Water

I have well water, what should I test for and how often should I have it tested? This is a common question we often are asked.  Which tests you decide to get done on your well water depends on your goals and if you are interested primarily in health related contaminants that might be present, … Continue reading Testing Well Water

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