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Community water systems are comprised of: homes sharing a common water source: farm labor housing; schools, or commercial establishments such as hotels, resorts and parks. The Monterey Bay Area contains one of the largest number of designated “small community systems” in the nation. These systems are classified by EPA standards as community (full time residents), transient non-community (such as hotels) and non-transient non-community, (such as schools and farm labor camps). Systems such as these must meet strict requirements for potability.

Depending on the classification and size, they must routinely test their water for bacteria, nitrates, heavy-metals and organic compounds such as pesticides and herbicides. In addition State Health Department regulations require many of these systems to employ part-time or full-time licensed water treatment operators. The CWS staffs service technicians with Water Treatment Plant Operators licenses, and provides contract services for many of these Systems This saves the owners money by ensuring regular maintenance, streamlining billing and paperwork, and accurately recording water usage in the community.

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