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Our Work

The Three-Phase Approach

Clean Water Systems uses a three-phase approach to solve water quality problems. The first phase is a comprehensive evaluation of the water source. This consists of a laboratory analysis for targeted water quality parameters, assessment of system variables such as flow-rate, pressure, and capacity, and an outline of treatment objectives.

Based on this information, the next phase is the design of a system to meet these treatment objectives. Using the latest technology, these systems are engineered to be both economical and environmentally sound. The last phase is the construction and installation of the treatment system, followed by extensive follow-up and support.

We offer complete construction and installation services or consulting to work with our clients' contractors or staff. This includes system start-up as well as an intensive follow-up to ensure optimum performance and continued water quality. This three-phase approach provides our clients with the best possible service at the lowest cost.


Experience CountsExperience Counts
Clean Water Systems employs state-of-the-art equipment and improved techniques for more effective water treatment.  We have successfully employed ozone systems, ultraviolet sterilizers, reverse osmosis, chlorination, filtration and other technologies since 1985 to treat a wide range of water problems. Our trained and experienced staff, combined with an in-house laboratory allows us to develop solutions quickly for complex water problems.


Our MissionOur Mission
Our mission is simple: provide the highest quality water treatment solution at the lowest possible price. Since 1985 Clean Water Systems Inc. has supplied over 26,000 systems for private homes and estates, commercial and industrial applications, and at sea on large ships and private yachts for a wide range of water problems.

Data from our extensive direct field work has been recorded and updated over the years on our custom database application EWaterPro, which allows us to track the performance of these systems. This direct experience, combined with our extensive research and development, allows us to offer our customers expert engineering and support. Since we are an independent company and not a franchise, we can carry the best of the products.

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