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Our History

Our HistoryClean Water Systems has its origins in a solar energy consulting and contracting company, started back in the 1970s, a response to the oil crisis. Back then, the solar industry in the U.S. was relatively new, and the importance of the quality of the water going into the solar water heating systems was not known, or frequently overlooked.

Clean Water Systems discovered the importance of clean water in such systems, and soon expanded its services to include water purification. By the early 1980s, the solar energy tax credits were a thing of the past, and Clean Water Systems was formed, focusing on Custom Systems for Water Purification.

Clean Water Systems has experienced rapid growth, and has become the preferred source for quality, custom systems for water purification for thousands of customers worldwide. Our custom systems have been installed in over 30 countries world wide for industrial, commercial and residential applications. These systems are specified based on water analysis data provided by our customers, produced in the U.S. and distributed in North America and shipped around the world.

The original goal of the company was to design and install high-quality, custom water purification systems for private water systems in California. This idea was sparked by the lack of custom systems available to meet the growing needs of the people who are unable to take advantage of the municipal water sources. The Central California area contains a wide variety of complex geological formations and a numerous amount of diverse water problems such as salt water intrusion and agricultural contamination. The generic water purification systems which were readily available were far from adequate for these specific problems.

By building and maintaining an extensive database on hundreds of different types and configurations of water treatment systems, the staff at CWS have been able to develop robust innovative solutions to almost any type of water quality problem.

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