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Nationally, 1 out of 17 Americans drink bottled water on a regular basis. In California it is estimated that 1 out of 4 residents do. In our experience, most folks drink and use bottled water in the home for aesthetic reasons
(taste or odor). Still, many people have been alarmed by media reports of contamination and do not fully trust the municipally treated water. Our view is that the United States is blessed with the most advanced water distribution system on the planet, and virtually all homes served by municipal sources have access to safe, clean water.

For all that, many area water utilities find that producing a high-quality water is difficult and expensive. Primarily, this is due to water sources with high levels of dissolved solids, hardness, minerals, and tastes and odors . High levels of chlorine in some areas also spark complaints.

In addition, many homeowners are on their own private water systems and experience poor water quality. Many homes suffer with well water high in iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, low pH, salinity, and other problems caused by natural conditions in their area. Other problems such as nitrate, bacteria, giardia, and various chemical contaminations are caused by human and animal activity.

Clean Water Systems has custom solutions for residential applications that address these concerns. With an CWS Custom Treatment system, folks can have disinfected, clean, non-corrosive, non-staining or purified water throughout their homes wherever they need it. Instead of bottles and bottled water stands, purified water is dispensed from taps at your fingertips, saving money and space. The life of plumbing, fixtures, and appliances are dramatically extended, and the quality of life is increased, with bright laundry, soft hair and skin, and great tasting water for drinking and crystal clear ice.

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