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How to Get Immediate Questions Answered by a Licensed Plumber – Plunjr

Have a question about plumbing?

Now get instant real-time video assistance from a licensed plumber with Plunjr

No Charge for a Limited Time.

Want to find a licensed plumber to install your water treatment system? Just open the app, and get a free professional pre-site of your project.  The Plunjr plumbers will look at your site and recommend a licensed plumber to install your equipment.

Want to install it yourself but have questions? No problem, just open the Plunjr app and a plumber will help you in real-time and answer any questions you have!

Get questions answered fast.  Get help finding parts you need at Home Depot or Lowes!

Do It Yourself in 3 Easy Steps

ONE:  Download the Plunjr app the Apple App Store (Iphones) or Google Play Store (Android phones)

TWO: Open the app on your phone.

THREE: Click on the Call Now button to be instantly connected to a plumber who will video chat with you and help you with your plumbing project!

Open your camera on your phone and scan this QR code to connect instantly to download your FREE Plunjr App

plunjr qr cod

You are Handier Than You Think!

Don’t wait for a plumber to show up at your home

You can completely avoid looking for parts in big-box stores

You’ll get all your DIY projects or plumbing emergencies wrapped up quickly and easily





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