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Neutralizer Quiz 1

Neutralizer Quiz

Welcome to the Neutralizer Quiz! Check the best answer that applies to each question. Each correct answer is worth 1 point. A perfect score is 10 points.

    1. I have a pH of 6.2, I should use the following type of neutralizer:

Calcite Only
Calcite with Corosex
Soda Ash Feeder
Sodium Hydroxide Feeder

    1. The 1.5 cubic foot neutralizers requires a minimum backwash flow rate of:

7.0 gallons per minute
10 gallons per minute
5.5 gallons per minute
None of the above

    1. Calcite is a natural mineral product containing:

CaCO3 95% min MgCO3 3% max
CaCO3 90% min MgCO3 10% max
CaCO3 99%
None of the above

    1. Periodic Backwashing of Calcite/Corosex Neutralizers will:

Prevent packing and channeling
Reclassify the media bed
Maintain high service flow rates
All of the above

    1. Calcite neutralizers add which of the following to the treated water:

calcium hardness
All of the above

    1. Calcite contains how many cubic foot of media per 50 lbs?

0.55 cubic foot
1.0 cubic foot
.050 cubic foot
None of the above

    1. It is important to have the following amount of free space (“free board”) above the media:

33% of the tank height
50% of the tank height
25% of the tank height
None of the above

    1. A 1.5 cf calcite neutralizer using Vortech tanks need the following amount of gravel:

10 lbs
20 lbs
0 lbs
None of the above

    1. It is best to use Soda Ash Feeder systems when the pH is less than:

None of the above

    1. Soda Ash Feeders add the following to the treated water:

Calcium hardness
Sodium chloride

Congratulations you are finished! Press the “Grade Me” button to receive your grade!

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