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Johnsen Nurseries

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Nurseries have specific water requirements necessary to grow healthy plants in abundance. Because some of the plants are sprayed with water, clean filtered water is desired. Unfiltered water can cause spots on the plants, and chemicals in the water can damage the plants.

Johnson Nurseries uses, as its source water, well water that is both hard and contains iron. Also, because the water is moved through a vast network of pipes, it is necessary to keep the lines clean of sediment and debris. Iron in the water can cause the lines to clog and the automatic watering system to fail.

This is a common problem whenever high iron content water is used to water crops. Because the iron precipitates out of the water when exposed to air, the iron particles released block the tiny end points causing the sprinkling system to fail. If used to spray plants, the iron particles released stain the plants.


For this system, then, a necessary component is a meted feeder pump that adds food grade phosphate to the water, which defeats iron contamination. CWS is responsible for choosing the right phosphate in the right solution mixture for the job. At Johnson Nurseries both the iron filter and the softener are scaled to size to meet the necessary requirements – in this case, 2000 gallons per day.

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