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The Hawes residence gets its water from both well and creek sources. The creek is the preferred source and is used most of the year. The creek water is high in turbidity, tannins, minerals and salinity. Due to the proximity to nearby ranches and farms, bacteria and parasites are also present.

The creek water is pumped to two settling tanks near the creek, where the heavy sediment and sand is removed. A submersible pump in the second settling tank pumps the water up a hill, 150 feet in elevation, to the main raw water holding tank

Before the water enters the holding tank, the water is treated with chlorine, and a natural flocculent (Sea-Klear) made from sea shells. The chlorine acts as a primary disinfectant and tannin remover, and the Sea-Klear flocculates the dissolved color and turbidity, allowing the water to become clear.

From the main raw water storage tank, the water flows to the treatment system. This is comprised of four stages: filtration with activated carbon and garnet, 5 micron absolute filtration, injection with Pre-Treat Plus, an anti-scalant, and then purification with reverse-osmosis. The purified R-O water is stored in two 5000 gallon holding tanks before being pumped through a final treatment process of crushed marble (which restores some alkalinity to the water to prevent corrosion) and ultraviolet sterilization.

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